our sister company ::  DOODLEBOX

Erin Goodwin, Graphic Expressions, Inc's Owner & Creative Director, is the founder and creator of DOODLEBOX Art. During her younger years she was always involved in art classes and creating art outside of the classroom. During college she spent time teaching art to preschool age children. And once she had children of her own, she became passionate about creating artistic opportunities for her kids! Taking her passion for both art and kids, DOODLEBOX ART was born! This small business was created to help children of all ages have the necessary supplies and freedom to experience art in their own way!

Too often, the art instruction our children receive in school is more craft. It's "start here, finish here, and make your project look like this"! To us, that is the opposite of art. Art is the freedom to choose materials and use them in a way that is very personal to each child. The process of creating the art is often more fulfilling than the end product. DOODLEBOX Art provides artistic and creative supplies tailored specifically to promote the love and joy of art to children of all ages. Our Original DOODLEBOXES are filled with quality products and are delivered with the utmost care in design & packaging to provide a true art experience. Original DOODLEBOXES are available in 3 age levels; 2-5, 6-10, and 11-15. They are age appropriate and tailored specifically to the needs and abilities of kids of all ages.

In addition to our Original DOODLEBOXES, we offer Masterpiece Art Parties in a box! Get all the supplies you need to host an art party wherever you like! Masterpiece Art Party Kits include all the necessary materials for a guided art activity for the party guests. Included with the kit are items you might even forget, including bags for guests to carry their creations home! Every last detail is thought out which means less stress for you, and more time spent with your birthday child! We also offer additional add on items to our Masterpiece Art Parties including invitations, party printables, and even guest favors!

You can shop online for DOODLEBOX products anytime! www.doodleboxart.com